Why Choose Music Study Studio?
Letter from Lacy Range, Founder of Music Study Studio

Welcome to Music Study Studio! I am so excited that you came across my website and are taking the time to find out who is educating your children and what is being taught! 

Music Study Studio was founded in 2009 by myself, Lacy Range, because I want to share the love of music that I have.  I also want to give others the opportunity and education that I did not have growing up. Here at Music Study Studio I make music come alive for students and parents! Long gone are the days where a student comes in, sits down at the piano, plays something and the teacher marks their music and sends them home. I believe that music should be shared in fun uplifting and inspiring ways so that every student yearns for more! Students are encouraged to create their own music and explore their own creative ideas. I use a baby grand piano, computer software, music games, the iPad and creativity through duets and much more to help guide their progress and make it enjoyable to take piano lessons!

I believe first I teach people...
  People come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, origin, race and ethnicity. There is so much diversity! With so much diversity this means everyone thinks differently. Whether you are a visual, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic learner, I adapt my teaching style to your specific needs. 

Then I teach music...
  Music is the foundation of why we play the piano!  We play to make music and that is exactly what inspired the name of my studio! Students do not just learn ABCDEFG at the piano, but are taught a well-rounded approach to music.  They learn: technique (what your hands do), theory (the way music is structured), ear training (what your ears should be hearing), sight reading (what your eyes do), composition (what your mind does), and improvisation (what your spirit does)! All parts of music help students understand how to make music at the piano and help them have confidence in their own abilities.

Then I teach piano.
  Piano is the way that I have learned to express music! The piano is a beautiful instrument and through it I have developed my love for this wonderful art. Piano lessons are not necessarily like violin or bass lessons as with the piano we read two staves and not just one. The piano is like no other in the way that it is structured. It truly is a fascinating thing and requires a category of its own. Every instrument has its own beauty and its own way of reading, writing, and technique, but somehow they can all be understood with the same language...music! Piano is just my way of expressing what cannot be said in words but what the soul longs to speak.

 I teach people music so that they can express themselves at the piano! So come express yourself and enjoy the wonder music brings!


Lacy A. Range

Lacy Alexandra Range

Piano Teacher and Founder of 
Music Study Studio 


Lacy Alexandra Range is a graduate at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  In 2009 she founded Music Study Studio because she wanted to teach a well-rounded approach to music and uplift students in positive ways. After founding Music Study Studio she moved to Winslow, Arizona where she continued to teach music in the form of piano.  

A dedicated independent piano teacher, Lacy currently operates a piano studio in Maricopa, Arizona and is a member of PMTA (Phoenix Music Teacher Association).  Lacy's hobbies include: web design, composing, and blogging her teaching ideas for the online community of teachers who have inspired her through the years.  In 2011 she created Circle of Fifths Caterpillars chart to share with her fellow teachers.  

Lacy is a firm believer of life-long learning and education.  She continues to study independently and is always creating new ways to approach teaching. 

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