Teaching Philosophy


  1. I teach my students how to teach themselves
  2. Motivation has to come from the parent and student; I am not responsible for time outside the lesson.
A few things to know...
  • It is okay to have a question.  If I do not have the answer right away I will try to find one and we can discuss it next lesson.  I will never be upset with a question.
  • I will not be upset if the student makes a mistake.  Mistakes are how we learn together.
  • I want the student to put as much effort into learning as they can.
  • I always encourage the study of different styles as I do that myself occasionally, although I teach mostly classical.
  • I believe in different types of learning, whether visual, kinesthetic, or auditory, I will adapt my teaching style to how the student learns.  I believe that I should make lessons that the student can understand, and if the student does not understand then that is my fault.
  • Lessons should be enjoyable.  If the student is not enjoying him/herself then it makes the environment less learning friendly.
  • I believe in having a sense of humor.
  • I expect 6 days practice a week.
  • I expect the parents to be involved with the student.  They should help motivate the student to practice in a positive way.
  • I appreciate parents sitting in on a lesson at least once a month in order for them to see progress and to see what is being taught so that they can help their child at home.
  • I have a respect for God and believe in His grace and power.  I believe that He knows your child best.  I put all effort into tailoring my lessons to what your child needs not only in learning piano, but in what they need in everyday life.
  • We celebrate holidays and some recitals will be themed around them.

Studio Policy

1. Lesson Organization
 30 minute lessons once a week
60 minute lessons once a week

Private Lessons:  the student receives on-on-one attention from the teacher for 30 or 60 minutes once a week.

Master Class: Everyone is expected to attend Master Class.  Master Class is held once a month for 1 hour.  You will receive a newsletter letting you know what day Master Class is held on.  If the teacher sees a need for more Master Classes in the month, updates are sent monthly through e-mail.

2. Tuition/fees and Payment Procedures/Schedule
A $100 fee is charged annually in order to supply the Music Study Studio Library and provide you or your child learning tools throughout the year.  The annual enrollment fee is due July 1st.

30 minute lessons - $45 paid every month
60 minute lessons - $90 paid every month
  • Summer participation in lessons will be expected and scheduled on an individual basis.  Each student is learning a new language and without reinforcement, new ides, a change of pace and practice - they lose the very skills they have worked so hard to attain over the last few months!  The investment you have made is too great to take months off and then expect to pick right back up where we left off.  
  • Students have the option of continuing private lessons or participating in piano camps held during the summer.
  • It is expected that each student finishes each month.  Your commitment for the month is extremely important as it is hard to find new students mid month.  If you decide to quit mid month no refunds will be given for any reason.
*Tuition is always due at the 1st of the month.  Failure to pay on the due date may result in termination.
**Master classes are already added in tuition.
***Tuition is non-refundable for any reason.

3. Lesson Cancellation procedures and Make-up Policies
When you register for lessons you are reserving the time slot for the scheduled weeks in the month, not the amount of minutes.  Make-up lessons are not scheduled or guaranteed.  If you cancel a lesson or do not show up you still have to pay tuition regardless if you attend the lesson or not.

Occasionally the studio will be closed on holidays.  Important dates will be posted on the calendar on google and also sent through the monthly newsletter you receive through e-mail.  Remember that not all holidays are a vacation so please check the calendar and newsletter to be sure you arrive to lessons when you are supposed to.

If something comes up and I need to cancel a lesson, I will inform the parents and students and reschedule lessons as needed.  At times there will be an additional Master Class to take up the place of the missed lesson.  

I hold the right to terminate lessons for any reason.  

4. Drop off, Pick-up
Prompt drop off and pick up are expected.  It is unacceptable for a student to be waiting more than 5 minutes for the parents or ride to pick them up.  Please make sure that you arrange rides accordingly so that your child arrives and leaves on time.

5. Safety
Because I care about the safety of my students, only those you have written on the enrollment form will be allowed to drop off and pick up students.  Be very clear when you fill our the form and write down all possible people that might pick up your child.  I cannot, and will not, allow someone to pick up your child without your consent.  Also, parents or the person giving the student a ride to the studio and back home are expected to come to the door so that I can see who is dropping off and picking up the child.

6. Calendar and Important Dates
I use google calendar, docs, and forms to help run my studio.  A calendar for students and parents is available on the website to keep all recitals, lesson, vacations and other important information up-to-date.  I take into consideration the local schools schedules.  Please check the website often.

Vacations, recitals and other important dates will also be posted in the Music Study Studio Monthly Newsletter I send out through e-mail.  Please check the newsletter regularly and inform me if you have not received it.  

7. Staying in Touch
The best way to reach me is by e-mail. I do not take calls while I am teaching, after hours, or on weekends.  If you would like to discuss you or your child's progress you may call me between 12:30pm - 3pm, Monday-Friday.  Monthly newsletters are sent out through e-mail as well as updates on you or your child's progress.

8. Purchase of Music
I can order music for the student.  However, you may purchase these materials any way you choose.  A list of items I have purchased or to be purchased will be sent after the first initial lesson. If you would like me to order a metronome, an additional $25.99 will be added.  I order all materials new.

9. Using the Music Study Studio's Library
Occasionally students will be allowed to check music out of the Music Study Studio Library.  The library is used mostly to get ready for recitals and to add variety to lessons.  This music does not replace their lesson books or materials.  The student is responsible for returning all materials checked out.

10. Practice Expectations
"You don't have to practice every day, just on the days that you eat!"
While this is great advice I understand that sometimes it isn't practical...BUT:
      You get out of it what you put into it - I require consistency, the results will speak for themselves.

Each student is expected to practice 6 days a week.  Minutes per day may be tailored to the student and will be written in their practice log.  It is also the responsibility of the parent to check the practice log and make sure they are practicing the required amount of time.

11. Recitals and Performance Opportunities
We celebrate holidays and some recitals will be themed around them.  Every student will participate in at least one piano recital each year.  I will notify both parents and students about any other performance opportunities.  Other performance opportunities are optional.

12. "Magic Triangle": Student, Parent, Teacher

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring all of your books including your practice log.
  • Practice regularly and record your practice time hours.
  • Leave all food and drink outside of the studio.
  • Cell phone are to be turned OFF during piano lessons.  You may only use them to text or call your parents/ride to come pick you up after lessons are over. 
  • Be respectful of other lessons by coming in quietly.

  • Pay for tuition on time or early!
  • Make sure your child arrives to lessons on time.
  • Help schedule your child's practice time.
  • Participate in your child's learning.
  • Support your child by attending lessons and recitals.
The parent is to provide:
  • An instrument in the best possible condition
  • Chair or bench at correct height
  • A metronome
  • Adequate lighting in a location allowing uninterrupted practice.
Attendance at scheduled lessons and performance opportunities is necessary for continued progress and the parents must arrange their schedules accordingly.  Parents are also responsible to help their child schedule their practice time and to make sure they are practicing.

The teacher has the responsibility to the student to provide a positive atmosphere for learning. Definite goals will be established for each student.  The teacher will continue to further her teaching skills by belonging to professional organizations, attending workshops and educational programs, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities leading to professional growth.


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