Tuition is based off of a month schedule.  

For 30 minutes - $45 paid in full each month

For 60 minutes - $90 paid in full each month

  • Students will not be allowed to participate in lessons should tuition be past due more then 10 days. Any tuition collected is non-refundable.
  • In July of each year a $50 enrollment fee is collected. This helps pay for books, flash cards, and other learning materials for the student.

Ever wonder where your tuition dollars go? Some parents wonder what is charged "per lesson". Well... there is no "per lesson" fee. Here is a list to help you understand where your semester/monthly tuition fees go so that you better understand what studying at Music Study Studio does for you.

Tuition dollars pay for...

  • Teacher's experience
  • Teacher's formal education
  • Time spent with student
  • Time spent planning for students lessons
  • Trips to music store
  • Shipping costs associated with music
  • Instruments to teach on
  • Upkeep of instruments
  • Teacher's accomplishments
  • Planning recitals
  • Recital costs
  • Time spent keeping accounts up-to-date
  • Teacher's continued education
  • Teacher's salary
  • Teacher's retirement
  • Office supplies
  • New software to keep up-to-date
  • And much more!

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