Piano Parent Tips 

or How To Keep a Good Relationship With Your Piano Teacher

1. ALWAYS pay on time or EARLY. 

2. Arrive to lessons ON TIME! This ensures that you receive the maximum amount of time for your dollars. You reserve the time slot, not the amount of minutes.

3. Let your piano teacher know if you are not able to attend lessons that week and the reason why. Your teacher holds a spot for you regardless if you show up or not so please help your teacher use her time effectively by letting her know if you will miss a lesson.

4. Have a piano bag. Help your child get in the good habbit of putting their assignments and piano books in a bag after they practice so that if you need to run out the door you know exactly where they are. You can even keep the bag by the piano or in a designated spot so that it is easy to find! This makes life easier for you AND the piano teacher! 

5. Read your child's assignment page! Important information such as recitals or cancelled lessons might be written on your child's assignment page. Also, it is your responsibility as a parent of a piano student to help them understand their work and make sure they are practing what they should be.

6. Manage your and your child's time wisely. Ask yourself "how much time do I really have for extracurricular activities?"

7. Schedule in practice time! This helps your child get in the good habbit of practicing every day. Soon you may not even have to ask them to practice because they will know that is the time to go to the piano and tickle those ivories!

8. Teach your child proper ediquette so that your money is spent on a teacher that can focus on teaching your child music instead of teaching your child how they should act at piano lessons. Here are a few tips:

Etiquette for Piano Lessons

1. Students should always be respectful of studio equiptment and objects in the room at all times and ask permission before touching.

2. Leave food and drink outside the studio.

3. Students should ask permission before going into other rooms in the home or business.

4. Students should not interrpt others as they are speaking or having conversations unless it is an emergency. If they must interrupt they should say "excuse me".

5. Students should respectfully listen to their teacher and have possitive "yes I can" attitudes.

Thanks in advance for your support! 

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