Practice Tips

1. Aim for 6 days practice EACH week.  Consistancy is the key for success! 

2. Practice right after your lesson. The week will go by much smoother because you will have retained 90% of what you learned at the lesson! 

3. Read your assignment page. Your teacher writes down assignments for a reason! Know what you need to practice so that you can practice effectively. Remember, playing isn't practicing!

4. Do not look at the clock! Keep the clock in a seperate room or behind you so that you are less tempted to check the time.

5. Isn't it frustrating when you can't remember what your teacher said at the lesson? Bring a notebook! Write down what your teacher is saying so that when you sit and practice you can look at your notebook for tips.

6. For challenging pieces make sure you are practicing in small sections.

7. Try to play the section or piece flawlessly 3 times in a row! This will help you practice more effectively. A good way to do this is using an abacus! You can make one using fruit loops or candy...just ask your teacher how!

8. Schedule your practice sessions. If you know when you are going to practice each day it is easier to get in the habbit of practicing.

9.Always warm up first. You will get in good habbits and later when you are playing more challenging pieces the habbit of warming up will already be there so that you can play your pieces with ease.

10. Slow down!

11. Don't be too hard on yourself! Possitive energy is more effective than negative energy. If you are getting frustrated then stop what you are doing and go do something else for a little bit. When you are done with that return to the piano, meditate for 5 minutes, and then continue your practice session.

12. If you have questions write them down and take them to the teacher. Your teacher loves questions!

13. Keep a practice journal. You will enjoy looking back at practice sessions and realizing you accomplished a difficult piece. Have your parents help you with this.

14. Have a hard time making it to the piano? Practice away from the piano! Review flash cards, tap finger numbers or review a theory game you learned that week. If you have Music Ace, go on your computer and study with Maestro for a while! 

15. Have fun and look at practicing as an opportunity!

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